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My career began in 1995 at WCBM AM 680 in Baltimore, MD where I started as an intern and in a few weeks, was hired to be a producer. I later advanced to serving as the producer for the Les Kinsolving Show. Les was the 2nd most senior White House Correspondent (after Helen Thomas). I worked with and under the direction of some of Talkers "Heavy Hundred" including Tom Marr, Les Kinsolving and program director Sean Casey.

For six years beginning in 2000, I produced the Ron Smith Show on WBAL AM 1090 in Baltimore, MD. It was here that I earned the "Bulldog" nickname for my tough questioning and work to help keep the show as the #1 rated program in Maryland. I was part of a team that investigated the Baltimore City bail system in a series of reports and discussions about people being held without bail for non-violent crimes which resulted in the following awards:

  • National Headliner Award for Investigative Reporting
  • Chesapeake Associated Press Outstanding Enterprise Reporting Award
  • Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Award for Public Service.

I moved to New Hampshire in 2006 where I had the opportunity to co-host a morning show on WNTK 99.7FM in New London, NH. There is where I made the transition from major market producer to talk show host. I formed bonds in the communities we covered and made a difference to the listeners by supporting numerous organizations, including surpassing a fundraising goal for a local hospital to get a fetal monitor and other necessary life-saving equipment. I also was the recipient of the 2007 NH Association of Broadcasters Golden Mike Award for Newscast Over 5 Minutes.

For six years beginning in 2008, I hosted the successful radio show Bulldog Live! on WTPL 107.7FM The Pulse in Concord, NH. I used my investigative journalism and interview skills to help repeal abusive tax policy, change laws that threatened law enforcement and public safety, and win strong protections for landowners against eminent domain. I broadcast from Capitol Hill on the day the "Gang of 8" amnesy bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate and spoke with leading law enforcement officials and border residents about the negative impacts this amnesty bill would have.

At WTPL, I was the leading program on 2nd Amendment topics which featured two weekly sponsored segments with local gun rights attorneys to discuss a wide range of issues from legal rights, self defense to legislation. I also hosted regular remote broadcasts from the state capital in Concord.

After my show ended, I spent the 2014 and 2016 election cycles working on the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign as communications director. In 2015, leading up to the 2016 NH Presidential Primary, I served as Republican Outreach Coordinator and Communications Assistant for NH Rebellion. I took the organization's public policy issues to all Republican presidential campaigns and President Trump later signed an Executive Order on one of our policy issues regarding lobbying bans. I also developed coalitions and messaging to conservatives.

From 2007 to 2020, I served as News Director for WNRP News Radio Pensacola, FL. During that time, I revamped and expanded the news department by developing new relationships and methods of news gathering and reporting. On December 6, 2019, a terrorist attacked NAS Pensacola and I coordinated the news coverage during the attack and in the days/weeks that followed. That coverage earned the station five awards from the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists, three of which I was directly part of:

  • Breaking News - First Place - Terror Attack at NAS Pensacola
  • Continuing Coverage - First Place - Terror Attack at NAS Pensacola
  • Team Coverage - First Place - Terror Attack at NAS Pensacola

I currently reside in Pensacola, FL.



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