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Here is a sampling of fan email received over the years:

"I just want to thank for your continued support of the second amendment. We as gun owners need to stay in tuned with what’s going on legislatively and you have done a great job keeping us informed. Now we all need to act when these crazy bills get submitted."

"Bulldog, I love your show, even if it does raise my blood pressure at times when I realize just what deep doo this country is in!"

"Just a quick note, I wanted to thank you for having the Navy Chaplin Gordon Klingenschmitt on, I'm a Christian and I learned a lot during the segment. It really is scary how all other gods can be mentioned, but if you say God or Jesus its offensive? It sure does not feel like an even playing field to me!"

"I had a great time talking to you this morning. You can sit by my campfire anytime!"
  -Skip Coryell, author of "The Shadow Militia"

"You are on fire today brother! You are bar none the best show on radio in New Hampshire."

"Thank you so much for being in Plymouth on Tues. night and recording the Sierra Club presentation. We just listened to your podcast and thought you did a magnificent job, as usual. If you do this well with practically no sleep, think how fantastic you'd be if you ever got a good night's sleep!"
  -Peter and Pam

"I enjoy your show but today i really enjoyed the reagan speach. Nice job!"

"Remarkable Tribute to NH's finest statesman! You did a terrific job capturing the essence of Ray. My wife and I listened to your eloquent words and we were affected by his passing."

"We're not always on the same side of every political issue, but I know that you always speak the truth as you see it and you always have an eye out for the little guy who's getting a raw deal."

"I enjoyed the interview and hearing your own insights. Thanks for having me on I enjoyed it."
  -Bill Fawcett, author of "Doomed to Repeat"

"I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you on the air. It definitely helped - I know of at least three pledges that came directly from your website."
  -Jerry Monkman, independent filmmaker

"Finally someone standing up for freedom, liberty, limited and organized government... We did it "their way" it didn't work, that is why were in the mess were in now. It's time to do it "our way". Thank you for level headed common sense concepts Bulldog."

"Your talk just now 11:45 am was outstanding and to the point. Good for you to speak the truth. What we are seeing today is an ego that is out of control. I enjoy your show."

"Just throwing a big thank you out to you for the interview. You made it super easy, just a nice conversation. NOT your first rodeo!!"
  -Chris Boothby, candidate for Executive Council

"In his professional work, he has never pulled a punch, ducked an issue. He exemplifies what good, honest journalism is about. He has also been one of hardest working opponents of Northern Pass. We are all aware of the numerous occasions on which he has worked late into the night recording meetings, then driven home to southern NH, edited and uploaded the audio, finished up at 2 AM or later, and put in a full day at work the next day. Because of Brian, many opposition members unable to travel all over the state have been able to stay connected to developments. His archive of Northern Pass articles and other materials is probably the most complete record of the history of this project and NH's opposition to it... We all owe Brian Tilton our profound gratitude - and we wish him the very best as he starts the next chapter of his career."
  -Susan Schibanoff, Bury Northern Pass


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